Medieval Monday with Rue Allyn

It’s time for another Medieval Monday! Our theme is “Villains”.

I’m excited to share the second excerpt of this blog hop which is from Rue Allyn’s book, KNIGHT ERRANT. At the end of the post, you will see where to go on the following Monday to find out what happens next.




She sighed again and continued to pace the room—ten steps long and five wide. If only she had something useful to occupy her time. Her thoughts showed an alarming tendency to drift to memories of Robert clothed in moonlight. She recalled too well the smooth slabs of muscle that formed his chest and arms. The arrow of moon silvered hair that danced downward and beneath the top of his breeches. The shadowed planes of his face and the soft curve of his lips. Longing, fresh and impossible, tugged at her belly.

A hard rapping at the door sent the memories flying. She counted, listening carefully. ’Twas neither the number nor pattern that Robert said he would use on his return. She was to keep the door locked until she heard his signal.

Follow along next week by checking out Bambi Lynn’s blog for excerpt # 3

Thank you for sharing this excerpt, Rue!

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