Medieval Monday with Elisabeth Hobbes!

It’s time for another Medieval Monday! Our theme is “Villains”.

I’m excited to share the fifth excerpt of this blog hop which is from Elisabeth Hobbe’s book, The Saxon Outlaw’s Revenge. At the end of the post, you will see where to go on the following Monday to find out what happens next.


To call him a boy was unjust. He was young and couldn’t yet be described as a full-grown man, but he was older than Constance by a year or two. He did not resemble his father at all. His tangled hair was reddish-blond and flopped across angular cheeks that were barely graced with a downy beard. Whereas Brunwulf was burly, Aelric had long limbs that he had not grown to fit completely.

As long as she had lived in Hamestan he had been there as Lord De Coudray’s ward, though everyone knew ward was another word for prisoner, lodged within the manor grounds as a guarantee of his father’s obedience. And now his father had broken that peace in the worst way possible and the boy would suffer.

What revenge will Robert take? Discover what happens next Monday on Bambi Lynn’s blog:

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