Medieval Monday with Ceci Giltenan!

It’s time for another Medieval Monday blog hop! Our theme is, “First Encounter for the Hero and Heroine”.

I’m excited to share the seventh excerpt which is from Ceci Giltenan‘s book, Highland Redemption, Book 1 in the Duncurra Legacy series At the end of the post, you will see where to go on the following Monday to find out what happens next.



“Do ye not have cousins?” Tomas knew full well she did—but she might not know that.

“I have cousins in my mother’s family. We visited them some when she was alive, but not since then.”

“And yer father?”

“He had an older brother who died.”

“What about his children?”

“My uncle didn’t have any children. At least, I don’t think he did. None that lived anyway. If he’d had children, my papa wouldn’t have become laird.”

Tomas scowled. By all the angels, Ruthven never told her about Katherine.

“Is something wrong?”

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Tomas’s life changed forever when at the age of seven he was adopted by Laird and Lady Maclan ending the abuse he’d suffered at Ambrose Ruthven’s hand. He’d never looked back and never intended to

But fate had other plans…

Now, nineteen years later, he runs headlong into his past. The Ruthvens are in trouble and Tomas is in a position to help them. But can he set aside his hatred for Laird Ruthven for the good of the clan into which he was born?

Fate always adds a twist…

Laird Ruthven’s daughter is not what Tomas expected. Vida Ruthven is sweet, smart, and utterly irresistible.

Now, Tomas must choose between being the savior or taking the ultimate revenge.

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